Maggie Hediger

Owner, Founder of Hediger Habit, LLC. 

Maggie was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Arkansas in 2010.  Upon graduation, she took a full-time position working as a nanny in New York City. During this time, she manned the kitchen for a family of four each night, learning new techniques and studying her employer’s classic cookbook collection. In 2011, Maggie was diagnosed with epilepsy and was informed that her seizures were brought on by a poor diet, lack of sleep and new stresses in The Big City. After this discovery, she committed to learning about food as medicine and the importance of healthy stress management.

With this knowledge and her expertise in taking care of busy households, she started Hediger Habit. Her clients needed healthy, real-food options that pleased picky children and busy parents alike. Her families found not only that they were eating better, but they were less stressed about spending time together at the table. She then worked under a small catering and private chef team, learning the ropes of traditional catering and event staffing services. She eventually expanded her own company to include catering and concierge-style services.

Maggie is a freelance chef and entrepreneur based in NYC where you can find her freaking out at Eataly or snacking on tacos at Empellon (don't forget the margarita). The Hediger Habit team serves the Greater NYC area, The Hamptons, Central/North New Jersey, Nantucket and Southern Florida. Please e-mail us for additional locations.